This is a campaign for the Mummy: The Curse game that I am planning on running. There are no days yet that are assigned to the game, and currently the game is in a very formative stage, with no actual players as of yet either.

The Game will be based before the most recent Sothic Turn, 2012, so the Arisen will be getting the Call from their Cults for the forst session. This game is going to revolve around Memory, one of the core concepts of the game. There will be a good usage of flash back scenes and the like, and some of the scenes may only be tailored to one or two players. Players will be gievn the option during that time to play guiding NPCs or core characters during the flashback to keep it interactive for the players, with the posibility of playing Ghosts later on given the rules in the Mummy: The Curse corebook.

As such, this is a NWoD game and the required reading for the game would be familiarization with the NWoD Rules, including those put forth in the Worlds of Darkness Core Rulebook as well as the God Machine Chronicles book when it comes out. This also includes the Mummy: The Cursed Rulebook. Any supplimentary material will be listed later, but will most likely include the Necropolis books when they come out as well as the Reliquary book for NWoD as well.

In time I will also be adding some pages on the information known about Irem, or at least information talked about with other Arisen, and the character past will be created in part by me and in part by player addition as well.

After that, take a look at your wiki. There is some more helpful info there.

Shattered Memories

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