Character Creation

Characters will be created following the normal rules from the WoD core, applying the Mummy Template from the Mummy Core, and with the following addendums:

Arisen characters will be granted the standard 20xp that they receive, but they cannot purchase more than one affinity and one utterance with this. The character will receive 20 more experience points that cannot be spent on Affinities or Utterances, but can be used to purchase further merits, skills, attributes, Pillars, and so forth. I foyu have questions on this, please contact me for more information.

Merits will be chosen from the WoD core books, provided that they do not have stipulations that prevent them from being taken in the Mummy Core book. The character will also receive another 5 dots of Merits at character creation. 3 Points must be spent into Cult, there are exceptions to this, but it better be a good one and please contact me with concerns if this it too much for your character to spend on the Cult Merit. Cult additions must be approved by me.

Attributes will involve 12 points that can be spread between the 9 attributes.
Skills will include 22 skill points that can be spread amongst the skills presented on the character sheet. If there is a skill that is not presented there that the player feels the character should have, please contact me so we might find an applicable alternative or so that the skill can be included.

Please choose a Nature and Demeanor for the Arisen as well as a Vice and Virtue. Vestiges will be in tune with Nature and Demeanor as well, and actions taken that satify the nature and demeanor of a character can grant 1-3 Willpower depending on the actions taken.

Characters will begin part of a Meret – a customary alliance among two to seven Arisen. As such, I will not be accepting more than 7 players, and will be starting game play with at least 5 players. Characters will have a sense that they are important to each other, but not why, and this will be something that is developed through gameplay. Please do not let the decisions of the other players in character creation hinder your choices with your own character, as unlikely alliances can be created in the case of adversity as well.

Do not worry about the backstory of your character besides generalities enough to satisfy the concept of the character. The construction of your character’s past lives will be done through gameplay. Do not worry about whether or not you feel that the character should have certain skills or merits beyond those you feel would be in line with your concept, as there will be times to explain them as well.

Ghost creation and Sadihk creation will need to be talked over with me before the creation, as these will be characters that are directly tied to another player’s character in one way or another. I am accepting both of these character types, however.

I am also accepting other imoortal creation for those that wish to play in a Mummy flavored game, though this type of consideration will require a good amount of time talking with me in regards to why your character has chosen to work with or claimed alliegence to a Mummy. If you have a suggested charcter of this type, please contact me. Furthermore, I would like to fill the 5 Mummy slots before these characters are created, as the primary role of the game is not only to explore Mummy characters, but also the Mummy genre.

Character Creation

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